Learn to Heal Your Past & Be Confident in Your Future

Overcome Life Changes that Keep You Stuck, Isolated, and Feeling Alone

In "Choices Matter," discover how to break free from pain, loss, and frustration that prevents you from living an authentic life full of potential. Discover the 6-step plan that will launch you into new opportunities with God as your guide. You will learn how to:

  • Put your past behind you and make new powerful choices that change your life.
  • Create an exciting future as God heals and restores any losses from your past.
  • Claim and activate God's promises to discover true freedom and walk in confidence.
  • Take action that results in renewed hope, peace, joy, and trust as you learn from experts in prayer, transforming your heart, changing your mindset, and more.


"As Karen weaves her own testimony and past brokenness through the pages, her vulnerability helps one realize that the message of hope comes as we turn to God, allowing Him to be our answer. With practical examples and specific action points, the reader realizes that our choices really do matter. Karen's expertise as a life coach, her writing style, and her passion to help others, shines through the text placing one in a posture of trust and confidence that if she can do it, so can I!

Nancy Ellen Ranfranz

Healing Springs Ministries, Spiritual Director and Owner

“Have you ever made poor choices in business or your career, and you feel stuck because of them? Have you ever thought you might not be doing what you feel like you were created to do? This book is for you.
Full of encouragement, a clear, step-by-step plan, and excellent resources, this book is an asset for those already walking with God, people just beginning their journey with God, or those who are curious to know if there is something more.  The six steps outlined in this book apply to every Christian’s life; at every stage of life. It’s a quick read enticing you to action." 

Vicki Finney

Marketplace ROCK, Founder